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essensuell [userpic]

World junior curling championchip

March 3rd, 2007 (09:13 am)

My sister is in the US right now, and will play her first game in this years junior championchip in a few hours. Well, maybe not a few, it's those damn timezones, but you know what I mean! So if any of you know of Eveleth, minnesota, then yeah, that's where she'll be for the next few weeks now. So yay, there's at least one Enoksen in the US right now. Just wanted to let you know ;)

And Hi y'all! :D Hope you're all doing fine! I'm about to make myself some breakfast now, seeing as it is dead early on a saturday morning. I'm alone at the farm taking care of buisness this weekend, and what do you think happens? I'll tell you what happened. someone broke into one of the ouses and stole a video projector, 400kr (equal to 45$ perhaps) and a box of candy. Woha, real mature. But of course, stuff like this has to happen when I'm in charge. Good thing i wasn't in charge of that house, it's where they have the youth club and stuff, so I reckon that some of those going there and knowing the place were responsible. The chocolate bars spread all over the floor really just made it all a bit pathetic and amusing.


Posted by: Lily (fading_ripples)
Posted at: March 4th, 2007 01:09 pm (UTC)
[misc] Liv Grete

Lmao..blei så forvirra når du plutsli skreiv på engelsk ijen! hehe
Så kjekt..vinne di elle??