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30 May
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It is I, Iselilja! With a cunning disguise, because someone else has already snatched lovely name iselilja. What a pity for me. So I've had to go chasing for a new username, again. Harumph.

My real place is at greatestjournal, I've only semi-caved in because so many of my closest friends seem to have fleed that place and moved along to this place. So, stubborn as I am, i'm not moving from that place, not yet at least, but better safe than sorry, so now I have this place as well.

And I realise this is a bad bio as ever, boohoo on you, I don't care, I'm too lazy to do this properly right now and I'm still hating on LJ a bit for not giving me a whole lot of icons. And style 2, whatever.

"Most kids believe everything they read on the internet."
.... That means I ought to introduce myself properly.
Hi, I'm queen of the world, and your your own lovable deity. :D

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Wickedly proud of that one!